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The company RR-Electronic is currently equipping the two new 20-meter rescue boats of the DGzRS with our antenna system Delta 32M with AV32. The sea rescuers have chosen the high-quality antenna system Delta 32M from RR-Electronic because of these features:
- Only one cable for:
  1. Two low-noise amplifiers only 0.8 dB, one for horizontal and one for vertical reception. This ensures an undisturbed TV reception for the new digital DVB-T2 standard with very high picture quality also at sea. Furthermore the antenna system ensures optimum reception of analog and digital radio.
  2. With AIS reception to save one cable.
  3. The TV output of the distribution box AV32 is connected to the multiswitch of a satellite TV antenna. This solution covers the entire range of terrestrial and satellite TV. The second output of the AV32 is connected to the FM radio. This saves an extra FM antenna. The AIS/DSC output is connected to a DSC receiver. This saves an extra DSC antenna.

In addition, we are proud that a new Volvo Ocean Racer 63-footer is equipped with our antenna system Pacific 4G in 2017. It has only two cables for:
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